With over 50 million active users in countries, Tinder has outlasted its flavor-of-the-month status, becoming the most popular geo-targeting app out there. Each day there are 26 million matches made on Tinder, with more than 8 billion matches made to date. Girls want to look into your eyes. Posting photos of a gorilla may be funny to you, but does she really want to kiss that furry animal? Not really. And those selfies without the shirt? Are they really your best photos? Of course, landing the coveted right swipe takes more than just the right photo.

Apparently these are the biggest dating app turn offs

In the world of dating apps, many of us are extremely fussy when scrolling mindlessly through potential suitors. While everyone is unique in their preferences, adding certain types of photos to your online dating profile can greatly increase your chances of achieving matches. Dating app Badoo recently conducted a survey of 5, of its users to find out what compels those looking for love or lust to swipe right.

10 Ways Men Turn Women Off in Online Dating Profiles. The pictures are the first thing we women look at (yes, looks DO matter, but not the way you might think).

The pictures are the first thing we women look at yes, looks DO matter, but not the way you might think. Pictures are your first line of connection on a dating site. Please put your best face and body forward. These ten suggestions are guaranteed to help you meet more women! Seeing that huge hunk of meat, we might even have entertained the idea of having it and maybe you for dinner. But not today.

Leave the fish picture for your photo album which I guarantee will likely have many other fish pictures to keep it company. We will ooo and ahhh appropriately about your big fish after we get to know you.

Biggest online dating turn-offs revealed

We all want a dating profile that makes people desperate to know more about us. For guys, look slightly right or left of the lens. Head outdoors and make your photos full of personality so that people can imagine fitting into your life. Evil red eyes are not sexy! Still stuck? That means changing your dating photos often — for example to match the seasons, and updating your dating profile to include new interests and passions.

If you’re a single pringle whose ready to mingle then listen up because we have got some top tips for your Hinge, Tinder and Bumble profiles.

No M. All Rights Reserved. Girls who have a chip on their shoulder when it comes to men really get to me as well. Why are you on a dating app full of men, only to hate on men? A lot of Singaporean girls are also hypocritical: they moan and groan about patriarchy but then expect you to pay for their meals. Girls who look like they expect everything to be given to them and that they would take it for granted are a hard pass. There needs to be demand before you offer or deny your supply.

Another red flag for me is girls that only post group photos. To me, it comes off pretentious. If a girl has a crazy long bio, I usually skip reading and swipe just by looking at their photos. Also available at:.

My Top 8 Dating Profile Turn Offs

Within seconds, your profile will grab his interest—or turn him off. You think your dating profile portrays you as intelligent, independent, considerate, loving and good-natured. They search for signs of gold-digging, clingy co-dependent traits, financial and emotional instability and hang-ups from a previous relationship.

“The instant a girl sees a serious red flag in a guy’s online dating profile, he’s out. Here are 4 This list of shallow, obnoxious demands is a huge turn-off to me.

This is my list. This started as a Facebook thread. Short but nicely written and says the kinds of things I want to read. After four exchanges, I realize that the guy is clearly unable to write, spell, punctuate, etc. Is it wrong for me to be completely turned off? I want the guy who wrote the profile, not this moron. Before I launch into the list, I need to say a few things. This is my list of the things that bother me. But guys — is this the kind of woman you want?

One more thing. Ladies, take note! Your profile picture is the first thing a woman sees when she looks at your profile. It should clearly show what you really look like. Head and shoulders is good for a primary photo, full body clothes on, please should be somewhere in the collection.

6 Singaporean Guys Tell Us About The Biggest Turn-Offs On Women’s Dating Profiles

When it comes to online dating sites and sex apps , the hardest part is putting together a profile. Is there such a thing? However, the research also found that there are some pretty clear turn offs when it comes to dating profiles.

By Doug Stern and Lori Mendelsohn LM: Doug, we met on a dating app and became friends. Can you share some insight about what you see.

With such cutthroat competition for the attention of the two-x-chromosome population – and this goes for other sites such as OKC and POF as well – you’ve gotta bring your A-game. It’s weird for us, too: move on. If you hate it so much, why’d you join? Phrases like this – or worse yet, an empty bio – means your inbox is also likely to stay empty. If you’re a short, illiterate Nebraskan, stick with your ability to whip up a killer risotto. Confusing pic. Also avoid: photos of your car unless you’re in it; with an animal you’ve just killed; or an ex obviously cropped out.

Clear photos of you cracking a smile win. Maybe one of you in a suit, or with a pet doesn’t even have to be your pet. Complaints about “drama,” “no bitches need apply” or, come to think of it, the word “bitches,” “apply” or “application” in almost any context, make you an automatic nope. Even worse? Endless messages simply repeating “hey” or “hi,” hours and weeks apart, like dispatches from a soul damned to hell.

Because I’m lost in your eyes.

What’s Your Dating Profile Turn Off?

Look, first impressions matter. You can decide a person is absolutely wonderful or awful , but that only happens after you get to know them. On Tinder, making a good first impression means your profile — bio, pictures, anthem, etc. The most popular Tinder users in the U. Pro tip: Take the time to actually fill out your bio.

Here’s how even the savviest guys are unwittingly turning women off. “I hate Tinder/I don’t know how to describe myself.” Yeah, dating apps are weird. It’s weird.

By Naomi Ackerman For Mailonline. Romantic offs looking for love may spend hours pouring over every last detail on their dating profile, from their headshot to their hobbies and interests. But if you’ve been describing yourself as ‘happy’, ‘trustworthy’ or ‘spontaneous’ online, you share want to offs from scratch as these adjectives have been revealed to be among the biggest turn-offs.

An in-depth study of , profiles has revealed the words turn and men use to describe themselves on dating profiles that turn the other sex off. But the results were online what singletons might have expected. Calling yourself ‘shy’ – and even ‘happy’ could be turning off potential mates while describing yourself as ‘curvy’, if you’re a woman, share more likely to lead to a dinner date. Bad words: A survey of , people has revealed the surprising words women and men use to describe themselves on dating profiles that turn the other sex off.

Unsurprisingly, it turns out both genders are looking for confidence in their other halves – so whether you’re using an app or a website, shouting about your self worth is likely offs work. Conversely, just 0.

9 Biggest Turn Offs For Women

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